Hardware, meet service.
We partner with brands to turn hardware into high-margin recurring revenue services, then provide the capital and infrastructure to support them at scale.
One channel to access an entirely new market.

We believe the world is undergoing a paradigm shift from a static-ownership world to a dynamic-service world. 20 years ago, everyone owned software, and now, no one does. Services and subscriptions are disrupting value chains across every industry. We believe, in 20 years, consumers will not own hardware. Instead, entirely new service-oriented products will proliferate, unifying physical and digital products into a single mode of consumption.

About Us

Fragile is building infrastructure for hardware subscriptions. We're fundamentally a software company, but we provide layered financing and services on top to provide a single solution for businesses to understand, launch, and scale, their own hardware subscription program.


Circular logisitcs are hard. We've taken everything we've learned and built the software we always wanted. Years of pain, distilled for you. No spreadsheets. No internal tools. No long development cycles. No confusing features. Just software that is really, really good at exactly what it needs to do, and nothing more.

Dev Friendly

We're a developer first company. Everything we do is built around flexibility and automation. Fragile is easy to integrate with - an incredibly straightforward, reliable API. We handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on building great customer experiences.

Fragile Managed

Under our managed program we do 95% of the work to launch a pilot program for your brand, and finance it with our own capital. There is zero downside risk. Ideal for organiations seeking to gather data before making a more substantial investment into hardware subscriptions. The program is structured as a revenue share.

† Our managed program is invite only, and restricted to certain product types, due to limited bandwidth, and the substantial amount of capital and labor we invest into the program.
Built on recurring revenue channel.

This business model is capital intensive, risky, and falls outside most traditional credit structures. We provide a variety of non-dilutive financing solutions to our customers, and even carry our own inventory taking 100% balance sheet risk.

Credit Risk

We have a sophisticated end-user screening process for hardware subscriptions, capable of detecting traditional fraud like identity theft, and emergent forms of abuse such as component theft, virtual & prepaid cards, dead drops, and other forms of abuse that are common with hardware subscriptions. To date, we have a sub-1.0% default rate across all Fragile customers.

Our Investors

We're venture funded and backed by some of the top investors in Silicon Valley, like Khosla Ventures. Our strategic investors include the founding team of Asurion (a $20B refurbishment business), and VCs specialized in fintech + consumer products, which helps us drive world class value for our customers.


Taking new customers in H1 2024.